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Our Mantra:

Design is everywhere.


We're GOOD DESIGN™, a Houston based creative studio. From the get-go we’ve wanted to create work that matters and stays etched in the mind of the viewer. Whether we’re cracking down on a visual identity, video or website we make sure that it will turn heads. In fact, we put a little bit of our soul in each design we create. Free of any one particular style or perspective, our communal vision is something you can feel in our work.

Our small team consists of graphic designers, developers, photographers, UX-designers and motion designers. We like to get personal with the people we work with. You’ll also find out soon enough that we’re pretty upright guys who work hard and are easy to get along with. We’ll keep you involved through each stage of the project. Our communication lines are short and we’re always willing to climb that bit higher. 


Mauricio Gonzales
Creative Marketer & Founder



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