Digital Game Plan!




Determining Business Goals:

  • Building and executing a successful brand awareness and lead generation campaign to target the Houston market and its greater metropolitan areas in order to:

    • maximize EV Houston’s exposure in the digital arena

    • high-increase engagement & new followers

    • generate brand awareness growth

    • increase profit by attracting new clients/advertisers

Campaign Tactics

Digital Google Campaign

Digital Strategy
(Paid Search, Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns)

  • Introduction:

    • This game plan and strategy is geared to help EV Houston launch an effective online marketing campaign that will bring in high quality leads over the next 6 months. To do this, we put together a Paid Search strategy that will target companies looking for advertising opportunities. Advertising on Google will give EV Houston the unique opportunity to become a top of mind brand. Given the marketplace and the offerings of EV Houston, we are very confident this program strategy will yield a nice ROI for the newspaper.

  • Objectives:

    • Reaching and connecting with the targeted demographic

    • Secure high quality leads from individuals shopping for advertising opportunities within the Hispanic Houston market

    • Keep EV Houston top of mind through aggressive remarketing

    • Create highly conversion oriented landing pages

  • Recommended Channels:

    • Paid Keywords across Google.com

    • ReMarketing/ReTargeting

    • RLSA and Customer Match

  • Keyword Strategy

    • Maximize budget by using a precise keyword focus and account structure

    • We will add additional filtering criteria based on household income and net worth, and only show our ads to the audiences we desire.

    • Determine through initial research and on-going optimization which of these keywords will pull in qualified traffic at a volume that makes them sustainable.

    • Maintain 100% share of voice for brand.

    • Utilize various keyword matching options; modified broad, exact, phrase, and negative.

    • Keyword List: Initial keyword list will be adjusted (+/-) as performance data is accumulated

  • Creative Strategy

    Copy/Landing Pages:

    The competitiveness of the market will require strong landing pages and ad copy. To help give EV Houston an edge we will implement the following:

    • Three sets of ad copy for each of the keyword buckets

    • Ads will be specific to the audience segment; DKI ads will be tested with fixed ads.

    • Conversion focused landing pages.

    • Ad extensions: call outs, site links and call extensions

    • Optimization of ads will occur on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Bid Optimization

    • By tracking & optimizing keyword level performance metrics, we will be able to refine campaign performance and execute a high level of campaign efficiency in relation to campaign objectives.




campaign tactics

Social Media

Our team will increase EV Houston’s social media presence and will showcase your brand in an effective manner and appeal to your target audience. Further, we will pump-out new and effective content to your target audience in an effort to constantly be in their ear so they automatically remember EV Houston when they need the advertising service that you provide. Our team will also track and analyze all data gathered throughout the duration of the campaign and continue to optimize and grow. We utilize Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for social media distribution.

Our main focus with social media marketing is the same as all other forms of marketing that we provide. It’s about getting a return on investment.


Here is a list of our Social Media deliverables for El Venezolano:

  • High-rich engagement

  • High-new organic followers

  • Competitive analysis

  • Market research

  • Identification of key platforms

  • Campaign Strategy & Execution

  • Identify and build audiences based on demographic targets

  • A/B Testing

  • Flexible, Custom Reporting

  • Campaign idea suggestions, for example: Sweepstakes, Promotional campaign, live social media event, etc.

Instagram Marketing

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 11.55.37 AM.png


Management & growth services

The Old Way:

  • Take lots of pictures

  • Post every day, multiple times

  • Use the right hashtags

  • Hope for the best

The NEW way:

  • Target the right people

  • Grow a massive audience (750 to 1K each month; 10k-12k+ real impressions)

  • Engage in meaningful conversations

  • Convert fans to loyal customers



Facebook Marketing

Developing a new content strategy game plan for EV Houston by:

  • Defining lines of communication (content schedules)

  • Establishing posting frequencies

  • Operational budget recommendations

  • Facebook Ads Strategy execution (zero-waste testing)


Twitter Marketing

Our Twitter marketing campaigns generate new businesses by establishing credibility when working on:

  • Profile optimization

  • Content strategy

  • Follower growth

  • Twitter cards

  • Twitter advertising

  • Custom reports


Let’s talk about pricing!

Digital Google Ad Strategy……….……………….$3,500 Monthly Fee
(Includes paid search management for Google, CRO landing pages, display, remarketing, retargeting, and tracking).

Social Media Marketing……………….$2,500 Monthly Fee
Or you can choose individual services:
Instagram Marketing Services………….$899
Facebook Marketing Services………….$899
Twitter Marketing Services……………...$899

(Includes editorial calendars, digital content creation, IG TV, paid campaigns, and monthly metrics report)

*** Please note: AD spend is not included in any of these services. All services are pre-paid monthly plans. Thank you.