Price Estimate Proposal:

Your New
Digital Game Plan!


Determining Business Goals:

  • Building and executing a successful digital marketing game plan to target the Houston market and its greater metropolitan areas in order to:

    • maximize HMWS LLC, ADCS LP Houston’s exposure in the digital arena

    • high-increase engagement and building an online community

    • generate brand awareness growth

    • increase profit by attracting potential new clients

Let’s Talk About Pricing:

Website Development

  • Building Four (4) Landing Pages:

    This service includes:

    • Website prototype: An initial sample wireframe

    • Design and technology: Implement and utilizing a content management software (CMS) to facilitate the management of the client's website once completed, i.e., making changes, uploading new information, etc.

    • Design services include: Look and feel of the website, determining color palettes (brand reinforcement), typography selection, user interface design (UI)—the series of screens, pages, and visual elements—like buttons and icons—that you use to interact with a device; and user experience design (UX)—the internal experience that potential clients have as they interact withevery aspect of the new website.

    • This website includes 4 cross-connected landing pages:

      ✓ Umbrella Site

      ✓ Location 1 Site

      ✓ Location 2 Site

      ✓ Location 3 Site

      along with legal information on all pages and responsiveness across all digital devices.

    • Website content strategy: Advice on sales copywriting and content architecture services to fulfill the ultimate goal of converting visitors into sales leads.

    • Hosting/debugging/back-end development: Transferring hosting information and/or rerouting URL services are included.

One time investment: $1,500

Because You are interested in Website Maintenance + Email Marketing, check out our new offer:

The Digital Marketing Package

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.20.15 AM.png

E-Mail Marketing & Web Maintenance

This website maintenance and digital marketing package is designed for small to medium sized companies in need of more frequent website updates and email marketing needs to drive growth. The DIGITAL MARKETING package includes:

Web Maintenance:

  • Style, information and layout changes (adding newsletter forms, banners, including new services, social media icons, etc.)

  • Content updates: Adding/editing/changing text to current content

  • Adding widgets/pluggings

  • Creating new promotional landing pages or blog posts

E-Mail Marketing:

  • Mailchimp Newsletter set-up:

    • Generating access credentials

    • Customizing branding (look and feel)

    • Integrating Social Media

    • Importing clients’ database

  • Mailchimp E-mail Marketing:

    • Creating up to four (4) campaigns a month

    • Automation emails (when potential clients sign up to newsletter, automatic emails will welcome them with exclusive content)

    • Campaign metrics performance report


campaign tactics

Social Media


Here is a list of our Social Media deliverables for your company:

  • High-rich engagement

  • Building an online community: High-new organic followers

  • Competitive analysis

  • Market research

  • Identification of key platforms

  • Campaign strategy and execution

  • Identify and build audiences based on demographic targets

  • A/B Testing

  • Includes editorial calendars

  • Flexible, custom reporting (metrics report)


* Please consider we require an advertising budget for social media of at least $200. This additional budget is to directly pay to Facebook in order advertise your new website across the greater Houston area, and to direct traffic from your social ads to your site. The Social Media Marketing package is a pre-paid package.

Let’s talk about pricing!

Website Development……….……………….$1,500
One time Fee

The Digital Marketing Package……………….$599
Monthly Fee

Social Media Marketing Package…………….$499
Monthly Fee

Total Monthly Investment…………………...$1,098

*** Please note: The Social Media Marketing package service is a pre-paid monthly plan and does not include an ad spend budget. Our agency recommends at least an additional $200 for Social Advertising. See information above for more details.