The Importance of Good Design

the importance of good design.jpeg

As technology continues to shift, having sleek and user-friendly design is becoming increasingly important to the vitality of businesses. Although once perceived as something relevant to only the “high brow” consumer, good design has been democratized via companies like Apple, Ikea, Facebook, Pinterest and Airbnb. Consumers now come to expect a good design experience for even the most mundane purchases like with Apple Care, which comes in a sleek box rather than a plain envelope.  

By using design principles that balance simplistic sophistication and functionality, these companies have made consumers hyper aware of “good” and “bad” design: consumers can immediately distinguish a bad website from a good website, a judgment that is undoubtedly based on aesthetics more than technical merit. Ultimately, consumers seek remarkable experiences with products and good design now separates “good” business from “great” ones.



Mauricio Gonzales
Creative Marketer & Founder

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