Meet Our Team

We’re happy to present our growing team of youngsters. We use everything within our reach to keep each other focused and motivated. These guys below are our creative explorers.


Mauricio Gonzales
Creative Marketer & Founder

Mauricio is the man with the overview of all projects and also known as a strategist. He knows the studio’s happenings inside and out. He’s probably the one sitting across the table at your first meeting with us to tell you in crystal clear vocabulary about our work.


Cristy Torres
Interaction Designer

Cristy truly is our “quiet influence”. She sets high standards while researching, even the little details get attention, until she knows exactly what the real job to be done is. The user is the central focus for this humble analyst. She also has a great frame of reference in technology and design which assigns to the whole team.


Sergio Garcia
Creative Director

Sergio is a skilled designer and the conceptual mind behind bold and bright ideas. He has an eye for the smallest detail which defines his work. Sergio can reflect and analyse work like nobody else and never lets the bigger picture escape from sight.