Digital Marketing Strategy for Verdant


This game plan and strategy is geared to help VERDANT launch an effective online marketing campaign that will bring in high quality leads over the next 3 months. To do this, GOOD DESIGN™, business partners and vendors will put together a Paid Search strategy that will target individuals shopping for landscape architecture and construction services. Advertising on Google will give VERDANT the unique opportunity to become a top of mind brand. Given the marketplace and the unique offerings of VERDANT, we are very confident this program strategy will yield a nice ROI.

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  • Reaching and connecting with the targeted demographic

  • Secure high quality leads from individuals shopping for a construction company

  • Keep VERDANT top of mind through aggressive remarketing

  • Create highly conversion oriented landing pages

Recommended Channels:

  • Paid Keywords across

  • ReMarketing/ReTargeting

  • RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) and Customer Match



  • Maximize budget by using a precise keyword focus and account structure

  • We will add additional filtering criteria based on household income and net worth, and only show our ads to the audiences we desire.

  • Determine through initial research and on-going optimization which of these keywords will pull in qualified traffic at a volume that makes them sustainable.

  • Maintain 100% share of voice for brand.

  • Utilize various keyword matching options; modified broad, exact, phrase, and negative.

  • Keyword List: Initial keyword list will be adjusted (+/-) as performance data is accumulated


Creative Strategy

Copy/Landing Pages:

The competitiveness of the market will require strong landing pages and ad copy. To help give VERDANT an edge we will implement the following:

  • Three sets of ad copy for each of the keyword buckets

  • Ads will be specific to the audience segment; DKI ads will be tested with fixed ads.

  • Conversion focused landing pages

  • Ad extensions: call outs, sitelinks and call extensions

  • Optimization of ads will occur on a bi-weekly basis

Bid Optimization

  • By tracking & optimizing keyword level performance metrics, we will be able to refine campaign performance and execute a high level of campaign efficiency in relation to campaign objectives.

About Conversion Rate Optimization


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